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The Passionate Purpose of a Starworker

July 27, 2018

Ellen Drummonds Curtis

Fluctuating in time with the beat of my existence,

Inundating my soul with the heat of my resistance--

Is my mind a prison to feeling,

Is my blindness a cataclysm of revealing?

Avalanches of insight come hurtling toward me--

Am I powerless to accept this beauteous peace offering?

Stand by--I’ve got to figure this out without triggering doubt;

Hold tight--I need to be forgiving of this world in which I’m living!

Light spins like an eager dance of particle immersion,

And my bright sins fight in their sameness for my attention;

Was I always this sorrow-ridden, silence-bitten?

Claim my wisdom now, you StarWorkers, before it turns hidden.

Ahh, you who gaze above as like solemn warriors of Grace,

You are the ones who hold carefully the key to heal this place!

You are seeds Source planted for a purposeful harvest,

And we need you on this planet like Space needs heart-dust!

I walked with you once, Time-benders and artwork-renders,

I knew you to be my brethren in a fellowship of Truth-senders;

Oh, to stand with you now, would be an honor of highest order,

But will you accept me even now as I lie here half-sober?

I ache to be with you, to make our mark with new decision--

To open the pathways to the Kingdom of Earth-Heaven--

To help bring balance unto the ways of man and woman,

To watch our children forge their own roads, here and foreign.

I turned away from you, I who fled from constant fright

Toward that holy stream that found me there empty at night,

And I buried myself in a pool of soul-ache and sorrow,

Where I longed for an answer you would provide me tomorrow.

I find myself here and now, in a cave of worries and forlorn,

Yet you seek to save me, and keep me close from fears inborn;

“What do I owe you for this great mercy?” I pitifully engage.

“Only self-love and kindness in your dark hours,” you reply so sage.

I’ll always have you in my heart of hearts, I promise.

And I won’t stray away again, even in my mental hardness.

Lean on the understanding of The One, and you’ll not falter;

Connect to the SourceLight that has already won, at the Sacred Altar;

Remember Who You Are, a Celestial Conduit who will not fade,

Even in those moments of doubt and woe that still dissipate.

Peace and prayer be with you, dearest friends,

For we are the reason for each season as Love descends.

For The Passionate Purpose of a Starworker is not to just illuminate situations,

But is also to integrate and align oneself with the Hope of every nation:

To be free, to find God in every aspect of life, and death, below and above,

And everything in-between, to give and receive Unconditional Love,

To feel a sense of belonging that transcends fear and remorse,

To know the art of righteousness and a redemption from which we'll never divorce.

So, Family and Friends of this Fortified Ascension Path,

Let's come together now, this is the baptismal bath:

We are sacrosanct thanks-givers who study wisdom and harmony,

So begin with me a new Architecture of Mind in resounding Epiphany!

Repeat aloud after me:





© Ellenglish Productions

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