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I AM a Light-Keeper

I have seen an infinite space in my mind--

Whereupon great Life can be seen dancing with Herself, unblind;

Is there a way I can hold myself and sway to and fro,

Carefully and in subtle graces hiding apart from woe?--

For I am as like a majestic sea serpent in shadow

Who encircles endless epiphany while aching for boundless tomorrow.

I keep the Light within me sacred and brave,

Like desert papyrus pages that crave their finding in mysterious caves;

For I am as famished for Knowledge and unbridled for Wisdom

As a lover under cover of night misses her Only, lonely for all of him--

And as we seek shelter beyond the pale facade of a heart interfered,

I know the Truth of our Divinity like a mother knows the face of her child endeared.

Heaven is a radiantly indwelling display of outward refrains,

Like a Consciousness meant for hummingbird meditations and soul-retrieval trains:

For I am that flower that heartspun-flight-being found,

I am that girl sitting by herself near the caboose who dare not make a sound:

For her Voice is thunderous when loud, her Cosmic Spirit filled with starlight,

And I know this because she is me, and I am she, and our future is ever bright.

I would not author endless night on my tears,

Or shatter the essence with them, leaving them defenseless among my younger years,

For I am bold as I withhold such suffering from my surrendered soul,

And I yearn to be suited within my shining Merkabah and finally feel whole.

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